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Our Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

The Dawes or Land Rover hybrids have 700c wheels which roll well on the tarmac cycle trail. They offer a more relaxed up right riding position to enjoy the views and a back rack for carrying bags and mudguards.

land rover windsor gents hybrid bicycle bike

land rover ascot ladies hybrid bicycle bike

Mountain Bikes

The Claud Butler or Land Rover MTBs have 26″ wheels with fatter tyres, lots of gears, front suspension and a slightly more stretched out riding position.

claud butler edge mtb mountain bike bicycle

Kids Mountain Bikes

We have a range of 16,20 & 24″ wheel bikes for children who have mastered two wheels and for those who haven’t we have the Tag-a-longs, buggies and child seats.

dawes blowfish mtb mountain bike bicycle cycle

Child Seats

Child seats are fitted behind our hybrids and can carry a max weight of 22kgs (48 lbs [3st 6lbs]).

child seat kid bike bicycle

Tag a Longs & Trailers

Tag-a-longs are fitted to our hybrids and are recommended for 4 to 8 year old children. They are ideal for kids that ride confidently with stabilisers or those who tire quickly.

tag a long trailer bike bicycle tow child

Child Buggies & Dog Trailers

Burley Cub child Buggies / Trailers are towed behind our bikes and can carry 1 or 2 children with lots of room in the back for your picnic.

burley cub trailer buggie bike tow bicycle cycle

We even have a Burley Tail Wagon Dog buggy that will attach behind our bikes so your family pet can enjoy your fun day out too. (Suitable for small to medium sized dogs)

burley tail wagon dog trailer buggie bike tow bicycle cycle

Tandems & Trikes

Why not try something different with a Tandem for two people. Tandems are great fun on the trail, after a wobbly start most people soon master it and have heaps of fun.

claud butler touriste 2017 tandem bike black

Adult trikes (3 wheels) are for those who are a bit unstable on two wheels. The Trikes have a large basket on the back for carrying your bags or picnics.

pashley trike tricycle bike three wheeler

We also Hire medium size Front Baskets, Rear Pannier Bags, Ruck Sacks and Helmets for adults & kids.